Wow, reading this made my Saturday. Thank you for dusting off those concrete particles and watering us with your words.

Per usual, I will be digesting the rest of the day(s). However, would like to share some high-level thoughts as I am feeling compelled:

1. So happy you shared Oscar and Daniel's stories. The term "peripheral humans" struck me. I often value "what I do" > "who I am" or see them as equal.

2. "Mystery." The white shoe and red pant leg begs my imagination to figure out who lurks beyond the shadows. It also prods me to think of the frame, without the character - and how different I would feel in the absence.

3. I am curious where your impetus to seek news stems from?

4. lovely, honest, real. Thank you for creating and sharing your take on "sticky gears."

...I think my "part 2" might just be a link...

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love your wholesome reply and glad I could make a saturday :)

can't wait for your sticky gears part 2!

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