what is Loaf of Thought?

Loaf of Thought is a fortnightly digest of personal mindchatter and worldly inquisition, spilling from places of introspection, vulnerability, and growth.

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who is Loaf of Thought?

Loaf of Thought comes to you from the mind of Rishab Vasudevan, known digitally and socially as Rish. He is the human embodiment of a swiss army knife, dabbling in multiple passions and creative endeavors until his plate is just too full. Rish is a compulsive designer by profession, a not-really-amateur photographer by passion, and an unsolicited writer by compulsion.

Rish is currently building a powerful studio at Strike & Ripple, while also finding time to travel the world, host dinner parties, and climb rocks at Austin Bouldering Project. Follow along on Instagram for more visual fodder.

why is Loaf of Thought?

What began as a dump of ideas, notes, and musings spilled onto twitter feeds and Instagram stories, now exists as a diverse narrative on Substack.

Loaf of Thought was never intended to be just a newsletter, but also a community of like-minded individuals who all subject themselves to this unparalleled wit. Feel free to comment and share to stir up conversation.

where is Loaf of Thought?

It’s right here, dumbass. If you’re already bored, here are some of my favorite pieces:

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And if you’re looking for the ever-famous, monthly-updated playlist, here you go:

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